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Applied Ecology and Ecosystem Management

The AEEM (Applied Ecology and Ecosystem Management) will take place in Halimun National Park, West Java This cours will focus on quantitative research methods and sustainable approaches to manage forests, agricultural areas, and aquatic ecosystems. Thematically, the course will focus on the challenges posed by climate change, human impacts on the ecosystem, and extinction risks. The field component   Read more […]

Advanced Primate Behavior and Ecology

The APBE (Advanced Primate Behavior and Ecology) course will take place at TuananBiological Field Station in Central Kalimantan. Students will be familiarized with collecting behavioral data on wild orangutans, quantifying habitat characteristics, collecting biological samples, using GPS units and GIS software to record home ranges, analyzing data, and summarizing their data in the form of a scientific   Read more […]

Short Course at Tuanan Research Station, Central Kalimantan

Faculty members from Rutgers (Drs. Vogel, Scott) and UNAS (Drs. Mitra-Setia, Utami-Atmoko, and Sugarjito) will run 14-day short courses during the summer. One course will focus on the Advanced Primate Behavior and Ecology (APBE) and the other on Applied Ecology and Ecosystem Management (AEEM). Initially, ten students total from Rutgers and UNAS will be funded to participate in each course based   Read more […]