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Orangutan Food Competition at Uanan Research Station, Central Kalimantan

ORANGUTAN FOOD COMPETITION AT UANAN RESEARCH STATION, CENTRAL KALIMANTAN By: Fajar Saputra Orangutan is one frugivorus primates. At Tuanan Area Research Station, orangutan fruit compete for food resources with four other primates, especially the kind of agile gibbon (Hylobates agilis). In addition, orangutans also competed in the source to gets fruit with Hornbills (Family Bucerotidae) which includes   Read more […]

Potential Resource From Mawas Area as Conservation Effort

POTENTIAL RESOURCE FROM MAWAS AREA AS CONSERVATION EFFORT By: Tenno Mauladan Hendras Peat swam forest of Indonesia have change in their quality and amount, inclusive of exist in Block E (Tuanan Research Station) and Block A which is inclusive of Conservation area Program Mawas-BOSF. Activity of Conservation requires being conducted as effort to keep natural balance so that human being and other species   Read more […]

Biodiversity of Amphibian and Reptile

BIODIVERSITY OF AMPHIBIAN AND REPTILE AT MAWAS-BOSF CONSERVATION AREA, CENTRAL KALIMANTAN By: Angga Prasetya  Indonesia is a tropical region that is influenced by two continents namely Asia and Australia, which makes this region rich diversity of flora and fauna. However, wealth of information about the flora and fauna has not been published in Indonesia, especially on amphibians and reptiles. Several   Read more […]