Potential Resource From Mawas Area as Conservation Effort


By: Tenno Mauladan Hendras

Peat swam forest of Indonesia have change in their quality and amount, inclusive of exist in Block E (Tuanan Research Station) and Block A which is inclusive of Conservation area Program Mawas-BOSF. Activity of Conservation requires being conducted as effort to keep natural balance so that human being and other species may live better. Increases of human population and obsession of unlimited economic growth is the one of difficulty cause progressively on conservation activity.

In the middle of that problem, there is a lot of conservation activity which can be done. For example is digging the potential resource in the area. Management habitat and the society culture (local wisdom) guarantying prosperity and permanence, whereas conservation represent effort take care of the continuity of experienced exploiting resource for now and the future. The purpose of this research is: Identifying potential resource in natural resource and also human resource; Identifying existing problems in course of natural conservation in 6 village at Mawas area BLOCK A and also BLOCK E and local perception about forest; and Knowing the local wisdom socialize as one of effort to  continuation of animal and forest. Research will be conducted in 3 village (6 villages in two blocks) and also forest that surrounded the village areal which is located in Kabupaten Kapuas and South Barito.

Research time started at May 2013 until September 2013. Research will be conducted through area observation method and interview.

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