Orangutan Food Competition at Uanan Research Station, Central Kalimantan

Orangutan Food Competition at Uanan Research Station


By: Fajar Saputra

Orangutan is one frugivorus primates. At Tuanan Area Research Station, orangutan fruit compete for food resources with four other primates, especially the kind of agile gibbon (Hylobates agilis). In addition, orangutans also competed in the source to gets fruit with Hornbills (Family Bucerotidae) which includes species of fruit-eating birds.

On the basis of this background, the study aims to determine the availability of fruits as food for primates and hornbills as well as the competition that occurs between orangutans and other primates with a hornbill in getting the feed source.

The research will be conducted in June 2012 – June 2013. Primate data collection will be done in a way to move where the plot. Data recorded the type and number of primates and hornbills are present in the observation plots, feed tree species that were visited. many fruit are eaten and the speed of eating. In addition, data collection orangutans were also collected to determine the composition of the feed. Data abundance of fruiting trees was calculated using fruit trail will be done every month.

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